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Representative Engagements
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      With a group of associates, completed a major order fulfillment business process re-engineering project for a high volume, flow oriented, large, multi-location business within a multi-national corporation.  Served in a leadership role at one location, provided leadership in key areas at other locations, and assisted the related corporate effort in the information systems area.

      Following a change in ownership, assisted a company to restructure and significantly downsize its operations organization.  Evaluated the viability of a business area; developed a business plan for the area; and developed and implemented a project management system to support the area.

      For a major, multi-plant, multi-product office furniture manufacturer, performed a manufacturing systems assessment as part of a JIT program conducted with a group of associates.  The assessment included development of a systems direction, and hardware/software costs and recommendations.

      For a manufacturing company, provided leadership in the areas of plant layout and material flow planning for a successful plant move.  Developed a plant layout that incorporated JIT approaches, facilitated production control, minimized material handling, simplified environmental controls and met capital investment limitations while incorporating provisions for future process and material handling improvements.  Also provided assistance in planning the move.

      For a major, vertically integrated, multi-plant textile/apparel manufacturer and distributor with domestic and off shore facilities, completed a systems strategy and planning project that included the development of a vision, functional description and implementation plan for a material tracking system required to support the enterprise and its large number of manufacturing and distribution facilities over the next 3-5 years.  This extensive project involved working with individuals at all levels throughout the organization, and forming and working with a number of teams.

      Assisted a manufacturing company in the establishment of an operating direction for its military spare parts business, both domestic and international.

      Assisted a manufacturing company concerned about its inventory investment level to recognize that its extended manufacturing cycle was not only impacting inventory, but also impacting its ability to successfully serve its markets.  As a result, a program was developed to restructure the manufacturing operation to reduce total cycle time by 75% and order delivery cycle by 50%.

      Assisted a manufacturer of assembly automation systems to understand customers’ human dynamics and economic justification processes of its customers.  Developed an internal program to train individuals involved in sales and proposal development to understand and quantify opportunities.  Participated directly in the development of automation proposals for several potential customers.

      Assisted a manufacturing company improve its cash position through the development and presentation of a seven session cash management seminar.  Consultant advised projects by seminar participants resulted in a cash improvement of several million dollars plus significant cost reductions.

      As the result of addressing a computer system problem in one division, assisted a decentralized, major industrial distribution company to develop and implement a strategy for a nation wide computer system and the centralization of selected business functions.  The effort included establishment of a central MIS capability and assistance in hardware/software package selection.  The system has been fully implemented nationally.  Also reviewed an unprofitable division, made improvement recommendations and assisted in the implementation of the recommendations.  The effort included restructuring responsibilities, restaffing key positions and implementing a number of materials management, accounting and systems improvements.  The division became profitable.

      Assisted a major multi-plant, multinational manufacturing and distribution division of a multinational company to improve the accuracy and usefulness of its operations related financial information.  Identified major sources of inventory shrinkage including some involving outside contractors that had resulted in direct losses to the client.  Identified procedural and systems problems that impacted the accuracy of accounting information.  “Fixes” were identified and a number of actions completed during the engagement.

      With a group of associates, provided assistance to a major, high volume, domestic manufacturer in the initial planning phase of a proposed automation and computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) program.  The project involved several plants in the 1,000,000 sq-ft range and included detailed evaluation of the existing processes and operation, evaluation of product and process alternatives, and the development of general process approaches, material handling approaches, computer system architecture and integration approaches, and implementation approaches.

      Assisted a division of a manufacturing company that produces a highly engineered, custom designed product to develop an approach for the introduction of computer systems into its operation.  Developed a systems specification, investigated the availability of appropriate software and hardware packages, developed alternatives and recommended a specific hardware/software package.  Led implementation planning and trained the key individuals.  Following successful implementation, the client implemented the system in several other divisions.

      For a Canadian subsidiary of a large, diversified US based manufacturer, completed an order fulfillment process engagement focusing on changes needed to satisfactorily meet customer expectations.  Identified shortcomings and opportunities, communicated needed structural changes in planning and operating approaches and processes, and formulated detail work plans to implement the proposed changes.

      For a major auction company, evaluated site selection alternatives from a logistics and operations perspective.  Developed a material handling and storage approach for the selected site.  Laid out the storage areas.  Proposed an innovative material flow scheme and worked with the architects to develop a facility layout that implemented the scheme.  The material flow approach has been singled out by the client in the media as a major advantage of the facility.

      With an associate group that focuses on logistics, completed several projects for a domestic multi-plant manufacturer of consumer products sold primarily to large hardware retailers and home centers.  Re-laid out the distribution warehouse to improve material flow efficiency and ease of locating material.  As manager of a demand communication initiative, organized the project, mapped the current process, identified short and longer-term opportunities, and developed a system that automates the forecast development process including the processing of retail point of sale data.

       For a major legal information services company, led a successful, major ERP implementation that included 1500 users.  The effort included developing requirements, leading a build versus buy analysis, leading a software selection team, leading the effort to select a system integrator, providing assistance in structuring the implementation project and team, and serving on the project management team through the initial implementation.  Facilitated the resolution of a number of important business and technical issues.  The system is currently in use throughout the client company.

       For a niche national retailer, prepared marketing system requirements for opportunity identificantion and evaluation, campaign implementation and for evaluating the impact of campaigns.  In a follow-on engagement developed requirements for tracking all contacts with retail customers as part of a major Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiative.  The requirements included integration with an existing store point of sale (POS)/inventory management system, call centers, web sites and core merchandising and financing systems.  Included was the design of an extensive, on-line centralized customer database.  The client is implementing the new system components and integration in stages.  

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