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         Mr. West holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University.  His undergraduate degree is a BS in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College.

      The first 13 years of Mr. West’s career were with General Electric Co.  His early experience included assignments as Project Engineer in the Lamp Glass equipment development operation, Manufacturing Engineer in the Ordnance Department, a manufacturing support position for a shop unit in the Power Transformer Department, and a Manufacturing Research Specialist and shop Unit Manager in the Range Department.  The experience included work with automation equipment, computer systems including the management of a major manufacturing system conversion, application of a variety of analytical techniques including simulation and analysis of variance (DOE), new plant planning and start up, and implementation of change.  Mr. West proposed, led a study team and did much of the application design for a “Real Time” Factory Control System that was subsequently developed by the Major Appliance Group.

      Mr. West’s experience includes more than 4 years in GE’s consulting business that provided both internal and external consulting.  His primary areas of responsibility were manufacturing systems and materials management.  Through consulting assignments he reviewed and helped improve many of the company’s manufacturing systems.  He played a major role in the development of the successful 1974-75 company wide “inventory improvement” program.  As part of this program he prepared extensive practical text material for general company use and participated as an instructor at GE’s management training facility.  Many consulting assignments were completed in areas outside of his primary responsibility area ranging from the viability of manufacturing businesses and operations to industry studies and strategic plan reviews.  Mr. West served on the Corporate MIS and CAD/CAM committees.

      Mr. West’s last assignment with GE was as Program Manager, Manufacturing Technology with responsibility for all manufacturing computer technology in the 26 plant Major Appliance Group.

      Mr. West then joined FMC as Operations Manager for the Construction Equipment Parts Operation.  The primary task was to turn around the failing start up of a new facility.  Following the very successful turn around, Mr. West was promoted to General Manager of the business.  During his assignments with FMC, Mr. West restructured the operations organization; implemented a variety of warehouse, materials management, accounting, human relations and operating improvements; restructured the sales and marketing functions; and introduced a number of new marketing programs.  Mr. West, with the MIS organization that reported to him, designed, programmed and successfully implemented a fully on line computer system for all functions of the business.  Mr. West left FMC in 1983 to form DEE R. WEST Consulting Service.

      Consulting Service activities were suspended in 1989.  Following a lengthy consulting assignment, Mr. West joined Priam, a “high end” Winchester Disk Drive manufacturer, as part of a turnaround effort.  In his position as Manager Operations Services he was responsible for Materials including Global Purchasing, Traffic and Inventory Control; Taiwan Plant Liaison; Advanced Manufacturing Technology including Factory Automation and Robotics; Equipment Maintenance; Engineering Change Management and Documentation; Facilities including Industrial Engineering; MIS; and Material Assurance including Quality Engineering.

      Mr. West then joined Harman-Motive, a highly automated OEM Automotive supplier of sound systems and speakers (JBL for Ford, Infinity for Chrysler, etc.), as Vice President Manufacturing.  His responsibilities included Production, Plant Engineering and Maintenance, Materials and Purchasing.  In addition to operating improvements his long list of accomplishments includes selection and implementation of a repetitive manufacturing system. . . . Consulting services resumed in 1991.

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